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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How was the distance determined?
A: Students in grades K-6 who live greater than 2 miles are eligible for free transportation. State guidelines measure the two miles from their home’s driveway to their school’s driveway. We used our transportation software to establish the families who are close to the 2 mile limit. We use the shortest distance as derived from Mapquest to verify that information.

Q: Will School Choice Students be able to ride the bus?
A: Over the years we have received many requests for transportation for School Choice Students. School Committee policy prohibits that. We will not offer transportation to School Choice Students.

Q: Is there a Family Cap?
A: Yes, there is a family cap of $720 excluding the multiple stop fee.

Q: What if I qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch?
A: State law requires that all students who are eligible for free and reduced lunch are not charged for transportation. If this is the case, contact the Business Manager directly at 508-429-0654 and he will instruct you on how to apply for the program.

Q: What if I need transportation only once during the day?
A: Some students may not need transportation in both directions. That is not a service level we are offering at a discount. Our routes and bus capacities are designed around the same routes for the entire year.

Q: What if I want to drop the program during the school year?
A: Similar to the above, some students may not need transportation for the entire year. That is not a service level we are offering at a discount. Our routes and bus capacities are designed around the same routes for the entire year.

Q: Why do I have to register my child even though they qualify for free?
A: The issue is whether we send out a pass automatically to all children who qualify for free transportation (K-6 > 2 miles). We are requiring all that want transportation to apply for a pass. This will aid us in theft of service issues.

Q: How do I appeal whether my child qualifies for free transportation?
A: Contact the transportation office at 508-429-0654 x1133 if you believe the distance calculation is in error.

Q: Does my child need to carry their bus pass every day?
A: Yes, they need to carry their pass with them and show it to the driver every time they get on the bus.

Q: What do I do if my child loses their pass?
A: There is a fee of $10 to replace a lost pass.

Q:  How does the School Department make sure that only students with Bus Passes are allowed to ride the bus?
A:   The Holliston Public Schools employs a Bus Pass Enforcement Aide who works every afternoon at the schools and some morning riding buses checking passes.  In addition, our contractor is reminded often to check passes and put signs up in the door of the bus at the beginning of the school year to remind students and families of their obligation to carry a pass.  The procedures we follow are below: 
Drivers are provided with rosters for their routes.  Drivers on all three runs will check passes.  If someone does not have a pass, they will check the roster to see if it is purchased but not carried.  If it was purchased and lost, we will require the family to purchase a replacement pass but allow the student to ride.  If it has not been purchased, the driver will report the student to Central Office where a Central Office staff member will contact the family to see if this is an oversight or are they not following the rules.  If it is an oversight, the family will be invoiced for a pass.  If the family refuses to pay the invoice, we will inform the family that the student will not be picked up the following day.  The Transportation Coordinator will contact the driver and leave the child at the bus stop. If there is a continuing problem on the bus, we will have our Bus Pass Enforcement Aide ride in the morning on that particular bus.
The bus pass enforcement aide works at three different schools to ensure compliance.  She also has the rosters for all of the buses.  The drivers will also enforce and refer problems to the bus pass enforcement aide as needed.   A similar procedure to the mornings will occur if a child does not have a pass except in this instance, we will leave the child at school.