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Mission, Vision and Beliefs


The Holliston Public Schools is committed, through collaborative efforts within an educational community, to producing confident, self-directed learners in a highly motivating, safe, student-centered environment that supports each student's social, emotional, and academic development.


The Holliston Public Schools is a community of creative lifelong learners that demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and values required for productive and socially responsible citizenship.

We will:

  • Cultivate a challenging, safe and supportive learning environment for students and staff
  • Ensure instructional innovation through creativity and smart implementation of technology
  • Collaborate to achieve rigorous and differentiated instructional programs
  • Meet all federal and state accountability measures for student and educator achievement
  • Foster educational partnerships within the community and region
  • Self-evaluate and measure performance and strive for continuous improvement


We believe In:

  • An emotionally and physically safe and supportive school environment
  • Instruction that is differentiated to accommodate varied student needs, learning styles, and interests
  • Class sizes and resources that best support effective instruction and the curriculum
  • Recruitment and retention of high quality educators, administrators and staff
  • Relevant assessments to measure individual growth and identify individual needs
  • Smart use of technology to enhance innovative and creative teaching and learning
  • Educating the whole child by supporting, among other things, a robust fine and performing arts program and a well-respected program of interscholastic athletics
  • Collaboration in education and learning which engages family and community
  • Effective interactive communication within the school community and beyond
  • The intrinsic value a high-performing school district brings to a community
  • Diverse extracurricular and cultural enrichment offerings, available to all students
  • The promotion of mutual respect by understanding and appreciating individual differences