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May 2015: Sarah Knapp

posted May 18, 2015, 6:22 AM by Tom Reeve
Student: Sarah Knapp
Grade: 12
Teacher: Mr. Shiff
School: Holliston High School
Class: Printmaking

Sarah Knapp completed two of these reduction block prints in Mr. Shiff's printmaking class. A reduction print is a process where the artist alternates between printing and carving. Each time the artist carves more away from the block they print a new color on top of their previous print. This requires that the artist print several different times and carefully plan each step of their printing process. Sarah created numerous prints (each containing several layers of colors) which experimented with a variety of different color and value schemes. When printmakers create reduction prints they need to be very precise and careful in lining up their prints on the same registration in order for the final image to read clearly. It is precisely these skills of precision, planing, and experimentation that makes a great printmaker and which Sarah demonstrated consistently in class. Sarah's work displays the dedication and care that Sarah brings to all of her projects. In addition to her hard work in class Sarah has also contributed greatly to the art department helping organize Art Saves Lives and designing several brochures for events within the school.