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November 2013: Renee Torio

posted Aug 11, 2014, 12:08 PM by Tom Reeve   [ updated Aug 11, 2014, 12:15 PM ]

Student: Renee Torio
Assignment: Warm & Cool Color Design
Teacher: Mrs. Heather Hebert
School: Robert Adams Middle School

For this assignment, students learned about warm and cool colors. They looked through “3D color power glasses” to develop and understanding of how warm colors move forward or “pop out” and how cool colors recede in an artwork. First, students drew a shape and divided it with 3-5 straight lines that went right through the shape right out to the edges of the paper. Then, using oil pastel blending techniques, students alternated warm and cool color groups to create an optical effect. Can you see how the warm colors “pop” and the cool colors recede in Renee’s example? 

“The assignment was to first draw a shape, then divide it into three with 5 lines (across the page; also outside of the shape.) I chose a heart. I drew the heart tilted to add a noticeable look. I drew the heart just big enough so it would all fit. Then we had to color one section of the shape either with warm or cool colors, then color the section directly above it with the opposite color group. In the end, the heart popped out. I enjoyed creating this artwork. It was fun to experiment with blending the colors and making various shades. I reinforced my color knowledge by doing this assignment, and I had a great time doing it!”
Renee Torio, Grade 6