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Curriculum Review Cycle

Curriculum specialists and preK-12 educators engage in a five-year review cycle of major curriculum areas, an initiative that was launched as part of the Holliston Public Schools Strategic Plan.

Preparation – Prior to the formal review phase, the curriculum specialists plan for the review by recruiting committee members from across the district; they also conduct a review of necessary professional development that will be required to complete the curriculum review.  Review members begin to collect relevant literature from the professional field regarding effective teaching practices within that content area. 

Review – Over the a school year, a district-wide team of educators engages in a thorough review of the curriculum of their content area using relevant content standards, assessment results, and review of the literature. Summer curriculum projects are often planned for the review. Summer curriculum may focus on the development of the district's program level Enduring Understandings and Essential Questions and the collection of literature to form the foundation for documenting effective curriculum and practices in the content area. Educators evaluate curriculum and instruction against relevant content area standards. Recommendations for further curriculum development, professional development, and resources are proposed. The Review Committee develops a report and presents findings and recommendations to the School Committee.

Implementation – Building-based teams implement recommendations from the curriculum review, as prioritized during the review phase.  District curriculum specialists continue to collaborate to ensure alignment.  Teams of teachers meet periodically to foster vertical communication during implementation.

Mid-Cycle Update – Curriculum specialists report on progress made towards the review’s recommendations.

Curriculum Review Documents