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Leveraging Technology to Transform Learning in Holliston

We believe that...
              • our students live in a world that is fundamentally different than it was even five years ago with new technologies accelerating the pace of change in our world, requiring increased global awareness and emphasizing the need for interconnectedness;
              • thriving in this world will not only require mastery of essential content-based skills but also the ability to think critically and solve problems, communicate and collaborate with others, and be creative, innovative, and even entrepreneurial; and
              • our curriculum, assessments, and instructional practices need to provide authentic learning opportunities that reflect today's world and prepare students to be empathetic, curious, and adaptable members of a dynamic and ever-changing world.

The Holliston Public Schools has been expanding its technology-rich learning environments across all four schools.  All four buildings are now equipped with Wireless technology, which greatly enables flexible, digital learning environments.  Projection devices and document cameras are standard in most classrooms.  Interactive white boards are also very common within our classrooms and serve as an excellent resource for both a teacher's instructional use as well as an opportunity for student use during "centers" in the elementary classrooms.  

Within the past two years, we have seen an expansion of student devices in the elementary schools and at the middle school.  Adams Middle School is now a 1:1 learning environment, where all students in grades 6 through 8 are provided a district-owned device for their school work during the school year.  Chromebook carts have been deployed in grades 3 through 5 (shared cart of 30 Chromebooks between 2 classrooms); students are also actively engaged through the use of learning apps on Google Nexus tablets, Chromebook Flips, and iPads (PreK) at Placentino, our PreK-2 school.  Holliston High School students were among the first to participate in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the winter of 2012.

Students are developing critical technology skills that are aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education's ISTE Standards for Students

Please check out our HollistonTech Digital Learning Blog to see authentic examples of the meaningful integration of technology in our learning environments.

Access to the Internet outside of the School Day

For many years Holliston Public Schools has provided students, faculty, parents, and community members access to information through our district and school web sites. The district continues to recognize its web site as an important means of communication and plans to continually expand the content on our website.

School Access at Holliston Public Library.

In terms of access beyond the school day, Holliston Public Schools in partnership with the Holliston Public Library provide student stations for both students and community members. As the schools upgrade stations within the schools, we provide a student station at the Public Library with filtered Internet access as well as access to the school network. The elementary station is located in the Children’s section in the lower level of the library. From this station, students can access their files from Placentino, Miller and Middle schools. The Middle and High School Stations are located in the upper level in the center kiosk. While students have priority use for these stations, community members may also use these stations to access the Internet and local programs but will not have access to the school network. Log on instructions are posted at each station.

For hours of available access visit the Holliston Public Library website

Photo credit: dantetg under Creative Commons