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Digital Learning

Students across all of Holliston's schools, grades PreK-12, are provided with opportunities to meaningfully use digital tools in developmentally appropriate ways.  Our curriculum is based on the following themes:
  • Safety and security
  • Ethics and responsibility
  • Interpersonal and societal impact
  • Selection and application of appropriate digital tools
  • Understanding of computing devices and how to manipulate them
Throughout instruction, there is a focus on the following 21st Century Learning Skills:
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
Classroom teachers at grade levels and in content areas enhance the technology skills students are directly learning with technology-rich project-based learning experiences.

 Placentino Elementary School

At Placentino our PreK-2 students access technology to build information literacy and technology skills for the years ahead. This experience provides an important technological foundation for students. Our students engage in curriculum related computer activities both in a computer lab setting and within the classroom. In PreK and K the emphasis is on tablets for Learning Center activities. Kindergarten students also receive foundational instruction bi-weekly in the computer lab. First grade students continue to visit the computer lab and also use tablets in their Learning Center activities. Grade 2 students have access to 2 carts of Chromebooks and are introduced to the Google Domain and keyboarding.

Our goal is to establish a concrete foundation using authentic and developmentally appropriate technology so that they become skilled users of technology tools. All students are expected to respect the intellectual property rights of others and use technology in a socially responsible manner.

Click HERE for more detail about our curriculum at Placentino.

 Miller Elementary School

At Miller School students in grade 3, 4, and 5 will engage in a semester long computer class, once a week for 50 minutes. This class is designed to give all students the foundational skills needed to be successful in middle school and is based on the Massachusetts Technology Literacy Standards .

Units include: Implementation of The G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education), Digital Citizenship, Computer programming, and Research Skills.  

Learning keyboarding is a focus for our grades 3-5 children.

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 Adams Middle School

At Robert Adams Middle School, students capitalize on our one to one laptop program to utilize technology throughout the school day and at home. This universal access has promoted uses of technology that are authentic, support learning across the curriculum, and provide meaningful coverage of elements of the Massachusetts State Technology Literacy Standards. In addition, our wellness and technology education courses support intensive study of key topics at the middle school level including digital citizenship, computer programming, and collaboration.

Click HERE for more information about the curriculum at RAMS.

 Holliston High School

At Holliston High School, ninth graders participate in Foundations of 21st Century Learning, a half-credit class designed to give students intermediate-level computer science, engineering, and problem solving skills. Topics include 3D modeling and design, using technology for problem solving, and medium-range project planning. Students in Wellness classes continue to learn about cyber-bullying prevention and digital citizenship, and students in Essay Writing classes study and practice appropriate copyright and digital usage conventions.

Holliston High School is moving toward a one to one laptop program. In 2016-2017, all freshmen and some sophomore were issued Chromebooks for a one to one environment.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is employed by some sophomores and juniors and seniors and is being phased out in favor of a universal platform for all high school students over the next few years.

Click HERE for more information about the curriculum at HHS.