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Subcommittees and Liaison Assignments


Budget Subcommittee 

  • Anne Louise Hanstad  (Chair)
  • Andy Morton
  • Lisa Kocian 

Policy Subcommittee 

  • Cynthia Listewnik (Chair)
  • Martha Devoe
  • Stacey Raffi

Superintendent’s Review Subcommittee 

  • Andy Morton (Chair)
  • Joan Shaughnessy
  • Martha Devoe

Communications Subcommittee 

  • Joan Shaughnessy (Chair)
  • Lisa Kocian
  • Anne Louise Hanstad

Green Subcommittee (Quarterly meetings)

  • Joan Shaughnessy (Chair)

Technology Subcommittee

  • Anne Louise Hanstad (Chair)
  • Stacey Raffi

School Start Times

  • Stacey Raffi (Chair)
  • Cynthia Listewnik
  • Martha Devoe 

Liaison to the Wellness Council 

  • Primary: Lisa Kocian
  • Secondary/Back-Up: Joan Shaughnessy

Liaison to the MetroWest Coalition 

  • Primary: Stacey Raffi
  • Secondary/Back-Up: Cynthia Listewnik

Liaison to the Holliston PTO 

  • Elementary  -  Primary: Stacey Raffi; Back-Up: Lisa Kocian
  • MS/HS - Primary: Joan Shaughnessy; Back-Up: Cynthia Listewnik

Liaison to the Special Education Parents Advisory Council (SEPAC) 

  • Primary: Lisa Kocian
  • Secondary/Back-Up: Andy Morton

Liaison to Holliston Athletic Boosters Association (HABA) 

  • Primary: Anne Louise Hanstad
  • Secondary/Back-Up: Martha Devoe

Liaison to Holliston Music and Arts Parents Association (HMAPA)  

  • Primary: Martha Devoe
  • Secondary/Back-Up: Anne Louise Hanstad

Approved by the Holliston School Committee -- August 30, 2018