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Holliston SEPAC Parent Ed "Homework, Home Routines and Other Executive Functioning Skills in the Home Setting"

Date: Monday, February 12th  RESCHEDULED: Wednesday, February 28th

We use our executive functioning skills across all aspects of our day, not just within the academic context of school. Sometimes our students with disabilities present with even more executive functioning challenges in the home setting versus the school setting. “If only she could brush her teeth and hair without a half dozen reminders?” “If only he could actually remember his homework after he does it?”. This seminar will focus on teaching practical methods to ease homework and home routines as well as increase your child’s independence no matter their age or ability!

Presenters: Victoria Briggs, District BCBA , Jessica Smith, School Psychologist

The Office of Student Services, in collaboration with building administrators, coordinates and oversees excellent services for the students of Holliston in the areas of Special Education, Section 504, Education for Homeless or Foster Students, and Home/Hospital Services. 

The Director of Student Services office is located at Holliston Public Schools Central Office, 370 Hollis Street, Holliston, MA 01746

For Information regarding any of our services for students please refer to the link provided or contact either the building Principal, building Student Services Administrator (SSA) or Director of Student Services.

Holliston Public School Coordinated Program Review Results

For a complete report on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education findings based on Holliston’s Coordinated Program Review clink the link below. The Department’s Coordinated Review Program addresses the following programs: Special Education, Civil Rights and English Language Learner Education. The CPR process consisted of a two year review of Holliston’s procedures and services, including review of student records, interviews with staff and parents, parent surveys, and observation of classrooms. Using a scale of ratings ranging from “Commendable” to “Not Implemented,” the report rates the implementations of each requirement reviewed by the Department. Where requirements were not found implemented or only partially implemented, Holliston proposed a corrective action plan to the Department. Holliston was one of the few districts that received a rare rating of “Commendable”.  

SE 32 ,Commendable:

A review of documents and interviews with parents and administration indicated that the district has established a special education parent advisory council (PAC), which includes by-laws, the election of officers, and operational procedures. The PAC sends a booklet/welcome kit to parents whose children have been determined eligible for special education. These welcome kits, which have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese, are printed by the high school’s transition program and are stocked in each school and at the public library. In addition to have a PAC representative assigned to each school, PAC members also regularly attend School Committee meetings. The district frequently collaborates with the PAC executive committee, providing space for meetings, membership to a statewide organization that provides information, training, and networking opportunities; and a web page on the district’s website. The PAC also has a Facebook page, where links to a variety of workshops, websites, and articles are posted. The PAC partners with the district’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and with neighboring districts to present parent education events. The district also conducts, in cooperation with the PAC, at least one workshop annually within the district on the rights of students and their parents and guardians under the state and federal special education laws.

Director of Student Services 
Meg Camire 508-429-0661x1 

Executive Assistant to the Student Services Director
Carol Marble
508-429-0654 x1136