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Special Education

 Each year the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) surveys families of students with an IEP in selected school districts to determine how well your child's school is communicating with you and promoting your engagement in your child's education. It is Holliston's turn this year!

Click here for the full announcment and link to the survey.

If your student is eligible for special education, the Holliston Public Schools must provide a free appropriate public education commonly referred to by the acronym FAPE. In order to provide a FAPE the school district must work in partnership with you. You will be a member of the IEP team that will consider your student’s unique needs and develop an individualized education program or IEP, for your student. The IEP must provide instruction that is tailored to your student’s unique needs and includes sufficient support services to enable your student to make meaningful educational progress and to assist your student in acquisition of knowledge and skills, including those necessary for social and emotional development according to appropriate chronological and developmental expectations. Any special education services identified for your student must be provided at public expense with no cost to you. All students in the Commonwealth’s public education system, including students with disabilities, are entitled to the opportunity to learn the material that is covered by the academic standards in the Massachusetts curriculum frameworks. Massachusetts also provides an individual right to FAPE for its resident students with disabilities who attend private schools at private expense, and who seek public special education services.

Director of Student Services 
Meg Camire 508-429-0661x1 

Executive Assistant to the Student Services Director
Carol Marble
508-429-0654 x1136

High School Student Services Administrator 
Tracy Conte 508-429-0677 x1104 
Adams Student Services Administrator 
Kelly Camp 508-429-0657 x1405 
Procedural Assistant for High School and Adams 
Kristine Mitchell 508-429-0677 
Miller Student Services Administrator 
Eileen Harvey 508-429-0667 x1332 

Placentino Student Services Administrator 
Carol DiCruttalo 508-429-0647 x1251 

Procedural Assistant for Miller and Placentino 
Suzanne Lojko 508-429-0647