What type of weapons and tools did the Wampanoag use?

 The Wampanoag hunters used bows and arrows as well as heavy wooden clubs to hunt.  The fishermen used nets and bone hooks to catch fish.


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What did the Wampanoag look like and what type of

clothes did they wear?


The Wampanoag  were strong people with broad shoulders.  Their eyes and hair were usually dark brown  or black.   Wampanoag women would wear knee-length skirts and men wore breech-cloth with leggings. Click to see.

Wampanoag also wore moccasins on their feet. 




Their faces were painted every day to show how they felt.  Specific colors were worn for ceremonies and war.  Each color had a special meaning.  Red for life or blood, Yellow for sun, black for death, white for the spirit world, brown for Mother Earth green for plants and  purple for royalty.

Take a look at some pictures of clothing of Wampanoag Indians.  The deer was a very important animal to the Wampanoag for food and clothing.  The skin was made into clothing and shoes.  The bladder of the deer was used as a pouch, the tendons for thread and the bones were used for sewing needles and fish hooks.

The Wampanoag Indians would wear special ornaments and clothes for special ceremonies.  Men and women would wear large necklaces made of stones, bones, shells, or beads around their necks and copper or shell earrings.  The turtle was a good luck symbol and would often be found in the center of medallions.

                                        The Indians made special beads called Wampum which they also wore.  Porcupine quills were soaked to soften them and were then flattened and dyed.  They were wrapped or sewn to make designs on clothing or pouches.


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