Grades K-5

I Know That - Click on the Sound icon to hear and explore sound waves. Select Illustration and Exploring Pitch and Sound for different activities. Bumper Cows  A version of the Simon Says game. Listen to the sequence and click on the correct order
The Five Senses This site looks each of the five senses and shows you how each sense works along with the brain. Fun activities! Sound Discrimination  Many fun games to help test your knowledge of different sounds.
 A Natural Symphony
Find the animal sounds to complete this  natural symphony! Explore several ecosystems, and their animals, to find the sounds that will complete the signature song.  You will "audition" (listen to) several animals, then help the great conductor and composer match the animal sound to the animal. 
Great group lesson K-5
Memory These games help you focus and remember to learn new information.
Household Science for Kids:  Sound and Noise
2 simple projects to help demonstrate some of the physics of sound.
Grades K-2
Oscilloscope Simulation
Operate a virtual oscilloscope as you would operate a real one. You can attach and detach the virtual signal cables.  Experience with a real oscilloscope is helpful here.  Allow for practice time before introducing this to a class .
Grades 3-5
The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions
Exhibits of homemade musical instruments.  Great links to sites about musical instruments and sound.
Grades 2-5
Neuroscience For Kids: The Senses
Lots of experiments to explore how we learn about the world around.  Great teacher resource with plenty of links.
Grades 2-5
Science Museum of Minnesota:  Sound Site
Send a sound card. Preview sounds in the Listen column, then choose the accompanying postcard from
the Send column
Grades 3-5
The Science of Sound!
Learn about sound from some 5th Grade Applied Science Students.  Explore questions such as how is sound made and how do we hear sounds and see samples of sound waves.
Grades 4,5.
Listening Adventures from Carnegie Hall
Learn about music in fun, interactive explorations.
Grades K-5
Science Links for Kids and Teachers
Great links to sound sites and activities for all ages.
 Ocean Odyssey
Click to see if you can master the challenges the Sea Serpent has set up about sound.
Sound Description Chart
In this student interactive, from a ReadWriteThink lesson, students
brainstorm then record a list of at least five sound words that describe
the sounds they associate with events including a thunderstorm, traffic,
and the hallway after school. 
Grades K-2
Acoustic Monitoring
Monitor the global ocean through underwater acoustics.  Advanced vocabulary
but a good teacher resource.
 Lissajous Lab From Math Cats
This site provides you with a virtual oscilloscope which you can use to generate patterns.
Grades 2-5
Do You Hear What I Hear?
This simulated investigation can help you to explore the dynamics of a sound wave. 
Written for high school students, but easily modified for grades 2-5.
Listen and learn about different drums. Learn to build a water drum.
Group lesson Grades 2-3 Independent lesson 4-5.
Dr. Seussís Sound Words
Everywhere you turn, you're bound to find exciting sounds. Students are asked to
notice the sounds they hear then write their own book, using sound words, based
on Dr. Seuss's Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You
A good K-1 lesson.
Soundscape: A Sense of Sound
Your mission is to "collect" sounds that define your zip code's sense of place!
Listen to examples of these three types of sounds from three communities in
the United States. A good class activity for any grade.
  Sound Sketch Tool
This activity includes an interactive activity that allows you to sketch and quantify sound using two different representations. 
Grades 2-5

 Compiled by Winnie Carey 
Integration Technology Specialist
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