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Exploring Imagination Through Creative Problem Solving…That’s DI!

What is DI?

You've heard of spelling bees, quiz bowls, robotics competitions and science fairs. In fact, there is probably a special event for every subject
taught at school. Well, Destination ImagiNation is none of those things – and all of those things! Destination ImagiNation is a place where kids take what they know and what they are good at and learn to apply it to solve challenges, working together and cooperatively with a team and pushing the limits of imagination to best not their competition, but themselves. Destination ImagiNation, Incorporated is a non-profit organization offering a global, youth centered, creative problem-solving program.  DI challenges have open-ended answers, empowering participants to create solutions that are imaginative, original, divergent and ingenious!  DI emphasizes creativity, teamwork and problem solving.

How Does it Work?

Students work together in teams of five to seven members under the direction of a Team Manager. The Team Manager guides, teaches and facilitates the group, but can not offer solutions or assist in creating ideas or materials–-it is all up to the kids!  Each team selects one of five Team Challenges.  Each Team Challenge has its own educational focus (such as technical, theatre arts, structural design, science and improvisation) and is designed to be solvable in many ways and on many levels.  Once team members develop a solution, they present it in a performance.  The team designs and creates (without adult assistance!) all props, costumes and other artistic elements necessary to bring the solution to life.  The team’s solution can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to develop. 

Where and when is DI?

DI teams meet from November to March at the time and location decided by the team manager.  Teams generally meet once a week for two hours at the Team Manager’s home or at the school.  Additional meetings may be needed as the Tournament date approaches.  There is a Holliston dress rehearsal in March prior to the Regional Tournament.  Winners of the Regional Tournament go on to compete at the State Level in Worcester.  Last year, 3 of the 11 Holliston DI teams went to Worcester and 1 team went to the global finals in Knoxville, TN. 

What are the benefits of DI for my child?

DI rewards creativity and divergent thinking.  Kids learn to think “outside the box” and learn that there are often many “right” answers.  They learn to develop and gain additional skills in marketing, planning, presentation, time management and teamwork. The biggest benefit, though, is that they have FUN while learning important skills that will serve them well in the future.

Is DI a School-Based Program?

It can be, but not always.  Teams can be sponsored by individual public or private schools, home schools, or community-based programs.  In Holliston, the teams are sponsored by the Holliston PTSA and run by parent volunteers. We offer teams at all three school levels:  elementary, middle, and high school. 

How do we get involved?

Complete the Destination Imagination form and return it to your school office with a check made out to Holliston PTSA for $50.

For more information, contact:  Mindee Meltzer: mindeemeltzer@verizon.net

or Kristine Perlmutter: kristineperlmutter@hotmail.com 508-429-9414

Not a School Sponsored Event.


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