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Miller School Playground

The Miller School Playground Project is a community effort to renovate and replace the existing school playground structure with ADA compliant and more sustainable play structures that can be utilized by students and the community.

For more information see the website. You can also send email to the project.

The Miller Playground is offering a Commemorative Brick Purchase Program and a Teacher Appreciation Program throughout the year. For more information on all the playground's programs and events, please visit our website. Thank you for your consideration!

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ptsa news

Parent Education Workshops

There are two events in the coming months aimed at helping parents guide their children and families through their important school years.

The first event is titled “Create a Calm Home: Eliminate Defiance, Power Struggles and Sibling Fights.”  The speakers are Kirk Martin and his son Casey.   It will be held at the MS Auditorium  Monday, February 24th, 7-9pm and again Tuesday, February 25th, 9:30-11:30am.   It is appropriate for parents of kids from 2-22.  There is no registration and it’s free.  Our CC Chair has attended this workshop and says it’s terrific – very entertaining and informative. 

The second event is being offered in conjunction with HPAC and is applicable to all families.  It will be held on Thursday, March 20th in the Adams Library (Smart Room) 7-9p.  It will be put on by Dan Levine and Laura Moy of Engaging Minds in Newton and is entitled, “ Strategies for Creating Successful Students: Understanding Executive Function and Tips for Strengthening these Vital Skills at Home.”  This is also appropriate for all ages and focuses on planning, organizing, strategizing, remembering details and managing time and space.  There is no registration and it is also free.

Have You Recently Had a Membership Form Returned to You?

We apologize for any inconvenience to those of you who may have had a membership form returned to you by mail recently.  The glitch at the post office has been corrected.  Please re-send your memberships to the same p.o. box or contact Lynne Rahim at therahims@verizon.net for assistance/questions.  Thank you for supporting PTSA!

PTSA Ski and Snowboard Program

Registration is underway.  See Programs for more information.


The SCRIP program is a major fundraiser for PTSA.  Scrip fundraising is a program that allows families to raise money by using gift cards, or scrip, to pay for everyday purchases. See how you can get involved.

Call for Volunteers

The PTSA runs on volunteers, and we need more people to help out. There are many programs in jeopardy of being cut if we do not have new volunteers to fill open positions.   Please consider volunteering for one of the many opportunities available.  You can use the Online Volunteer Form or the paper form to do so. Thank you for your consideration.

TD Bank Affinity Program

Are you a TD Bank customer? If you have an existing account with TD Bank, or open a new account there, you can help raise money for the PTSA by asking to have your accounts signed up with the Affinity Program to benefit the Holliston PTSA/Miller School Playground. TD Bank will make an annual contribution to the PTSA at no cost to subscribers based on a percentage of all the accounts signed up.

To learn more about TD Bank’s Affinity Program, please visit their website or email the Miller Playground Project.

Thank a Teacher

Contribute to the Holliston Education Foundation  in a teacher’s name.  You can support the work of HEF while also thanking a teacher for his or her contributions.  Please use this form.