Holliston Public Schools

                                                              Holliston, MA 01746


School Committee Meeting                                                               Time:  7:00 p.m.

High School Library                                                                           Date:   June 16, 2005




I.          Call to Order


II.         Election of Officers

·        Policy BDA (Attachment 1)


III.       Minutes from the following School Committee Meeting:   

·        June 2, 2005, Regular Session


IV.       Communications:                                                                              

A: Oral

1. School Committee Individual Comment

2. Central Office Administrator’s Comment

3. Opportunity for Public to address School Committee


V.        Presentations:

A.     MSPG & HEPO Grant Announcements

B.     Strategic Plan 2005-2010

C.     School Improvement Plans                                                                         


VI.       Policy:                                                                                                            

A.  Subcommittee Appointment

B.  Policy KFCB Operation of Tower Lighting for Holliston Baseball/Softball Fields –

      Second Reading

C.  Policy EBBB School-Based Public Access Defibrillation Program –

      Final Distribution


VII.      Personnel:                                                                                                                             



VIII.     Old Business:                                                                                    



IX.       New Business:                                                                                  

A. Superintendent’s Report                                                                  

                 1.  PDD Program Design/Implementation Plan


B. Asst. Superintendent’s Report

     1.  Department Leaders, Team Leaders, Grade Leaders, Job Descriptions

C. Business Manager’s Report


            D. Principal’s Report:                                                                          


            E. Warrants

     1. Bill:

     2. Cafeteria


X.        Items of Information:

A.  Letter from Town Clerk

            B.  Future Plans – Holliston High School Class of 2005


XI.       Future Meeting Date and Agenda Items  -  July 14, 2005

              1.  Overview of TEC – The Education Cooperative




XII.      Adjournment of Open Session


XIII.     Executive Session