Holliston Public Schools

                                                             Holliston, MA 01746


School Committee Meeting                                                               Time:  7:00 p.m.

High School Library                                                                           Date:   March 16, 2006



I.          Call to Order 


II.         Minutes from the following School Committee Meeting:   

·           March 1, 2006, Regular Session


III.       Communications:                                                                              

A: Oral

1. School Committee Individual Comment

2. Central Office Administrator’s Comment

3. Opportunity for Public to Address School Committee


IV.       Presentations:




V.        Policy:                                                                                                            

A.  Second Reading – Policy GBJ – Personnel Records

B.  Second Reading – Policy JH – Excused Absences

C.  Second Reading – Policy JICFB – Bullying

D.  Revision – Policy ACAA – Harassment


VI.       Personnel:                                                                                                                             

A.  Introduce next Adams Middle School Principal

B.  Superintendent Evaluation Process


VII.      Old Business:                                                                                    



VIII.     New Business:                                                                                  

A.  March 17th Professional Development Day Preview – Mr. Cornely


IX.       Warrants:

A.  Bill:

B.  Cafeteria


X.        Items of Information:                                                                                                            
A.  French Immersion Teacher awarded French Government Scholarship

            B.  Memorandum regarding Town Meeting

            C.  Suburban Coalition Annual Legislative Breakfast

            D.  Elementary Essentials


XI.       Next Meeting Date

                  April 6, 2006


XII.      Adjournment of Open Session


XIII.     Executive Session                                                                                                                             
A.  Collective Bargaining