Holliston Public Schools

Holliston, Massachusetts


School Committee Meeting

July, 28, 2003


Present: Mr. Coppelman, Mr. Jones, Mr. Post, Mrs. McColl, Mrs. Matz, Mr. Ganzenmuller, Dr. Young.


Absent:Mrs. Deering.


Call to Order


This special meeting of the School Committee was called to order at 9:17 pm by Mr. Coppelman.


The purpose of this meeting is to resolve two issues:

1.†††††††††††† Transportation fee

2.†††††††††††† Additional reserve money


School Committee Individual Comment




Public Comment




Transportation Fee


Mrs. McColl made a motion, seconded by Mr. Post,to rescind the $250.00 transportation fee for the 2003 - 2004 school year.††


Discussion was held.Mr. Buday expressed his confidence that the reserve money will cover the revenue that would have been generated from the proposed transportation fee.It was stated that the state may change the law regarding mandatory busing for children in kindergarten through grade 6.The possibility of revisiting the bus fee in the future was stated.The Committee voted to rescind the transportation fee at this time.


Vote:†††††† Favor: 6Oppose: 0††††††††††††† Abstain: 0††††††††††††† Absent: 1 (Mrs. Deering)


Additional Reserve Money


Mrs. McColl made a motion, seconded by Mr. Ganzenmuller, to give the additional $100,000 reserve amount from the 2002 - 2003 school year to the town for use during the 2003 - 2004 year.


Discussion was held.The spirit of partnership between town departments was discussed.The Committee voted to give the town the $100,000 left in its reserve from the 2002-2003 school year.

Vote:†††††† Favor: 6Oppose: 0††††††††††††† Abstain: 0††††††††††††† Absent: 1 (Mrs Deering)


Additional Business


The question of pick up and/or drop off at alternate locations was raised.The Committee stated that this will be handled as it has been in past years.In August, parents will receive their assigned bus schedule based on their home address.†† With the schedule is a waiver to request an alternate drop off and/or pick up location.Parents should send back this waiver with their written request for an alternate bus stop.The policy has always been that alternate pick up and/or drop off locations were allowed if space was available on that bus.It has never been a problem in the past; however, it is not guaranteed.


Dr. Young stated that parents will be notified of the rescinding of the transportation fee in the same mailing as their bus assignment.These letters should be sent home in the next week.


A parent stated that the Department of Education Laws regarding mandatory busing has been interpreted differently by different towns.He stated that some towns are charging everyone a bus fee.Mr. Coppelman stated that an equitable plan is important, but Holliston has interpreted the law in accordance with the Department of Educationís interpretation.


Mr. Post reported that the Transportation subcommittee met and had some suggestions that may be considered in the future.One suggestion was to charge a fee to parents who want to pick up and/or drop off at alternate locations.This would allow the Committee to guarantee a spot on the bus of their choice, as any additional costs that may arise from adding buses would be covered by the fee.Mr. Coppelman stated that the Committee will consult with parents and community providers regarding future changes to transportation policies.




Mrs. Matz made a motion, seconded by Mr. Post, to adjourn the meeting.


Mr. Coppelman, Yes; Mrs. McColl, Yes; Mrs. Matz, Yes; Mr. Post, Yes; Mr. Jones, Yes; Mr. Ganzenmuller, Yes.


Meeting adjourned at 9:42 pm.