Approved: Jan 08, 2004Holliston Public Schools

Holliston, Massachusetts


School Committee Meeting

December 17, 2003



Present: Mr. Coppelman, Ms. Matz, Mr. Jones, Ms. Deering, Ms. McColl, Mr. Post, Mr. Ganzenmuller and Dr. Young.


Call to Order:

Mr. Coppelman called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.



On a motion made by Ms. McColl, seconded by Mr. Post, the Committee voted to accept the minutes of the December 4, 2003 with the changes mentioned.

Vote:   Yes: 5  No: 0 Abstain: 2 (Ms. Matz, Mr. Ganzenmuller)


Public Comment:

Marie Quevas requested to have the presentation on the status of music postponed to a future meeting as a RAMS Band concert was occurring tonight.

Mr. Coppelman stated that this had already taken place and report would come at a future meeting.


New Business:

(An item of new business, the overnight RAMS Band field trip to Philadelphia request, was taken out of order so that Mr. Egan could attend the concert.)

Mr. Egan presented the details of the RAMS Band trip to Philadelphia on June 3-5, 2004 for the purpose of a band performance at the Liberty Bell.

On a motion made by Ms. Matz, seconded by Ms. McColl, the committee voted to approve the RAMS Band Philadelphia field trip on June 3 through 5, 2004.

Vote:   Yes: 7   No:0   Abstain:0


School Committee Comment:

Mr. Jones gave the budget subcommittee update; he stated they were working with the Finance Committee liaisons and will give a budget review and  full timeline for the budget process at the next School Committee meeting.


Superintendent Comments:

Dr. Young announced that Keith Kaplan a Social Studies teacher at Holliston High School received National Teacher Certification as a Secondary School teacher.



Elementary Curriculum Pilot Program update given by Dr. Young, Mr. Cornely, Ms. Weene and Mr. Keim.  The Elementary School complex administration was reorganized in January 2003 in order to implement curriculum into the classroom and manage the large elementary complex.  Evaluation included surveys of staff and parents on the impact on the classroom.  Literary/Math specialists have greatly added to success.






Dr. Young recommended expanding the Curriculum Director through grade 8 and returning assistant principals to the elementary schools to better manage and ensure high quality education.



Dr. Young recommended implementation of Director of Curriculum, Pre-K through grade 8 from July 1, 2004 through June 30, 2007.

She also recommended extending current elementary principal’s contracts through June 30, 2005.  Dr. Young also announced Mr. Cornely would be appointed as Acting Assistant Superintendent from January 1, 2004 through June 30, 2004.  She stated none of these appointments would have an impact on the current fiscal year’s budget.  Further details of the contracts will be discussed and votes taken in executive session tonight.



Ms. Matz gave the third reading of the policy Public Gifts to the Schools. The committee offered a few minor changes.

On a motion made by Mr. Post, seconded by Ms. McColl, the committee voted to approve the Public Gifts to the Schools policy with the changes as read.

Vote:   Yes: 7   No:0   Abstain:0


Ms. Deering gave the second reading of the CORI Requirements policy – ADDA.  Committee members offered changes.  The policy will be brought back for a third reading at a future meeting.


Old Business:

 Ms. Canty gave an update on the costs for the Holliston High School Law Team Club.  She stated the stipend for the advisor is $2,090.57.  The Law Team has fund raised $2,300.29.  Transportation would be an additional expense and hard to determine as it depends on progress of the team.  Students and parents will continue to fundraise to offset these expenses.


Note: Mr. Kazanjian, band director entered the meeting and announced the HHS Band entered the Hall-I-day Stroll in Boston and won first place and $1000 award.


New Business:

Dr. Young, Ms. Dooley and Ms. Canty requested authorization to expend funds on purchase of computers for Placentino School to have two student and one teacher computer per classroom, Student Management Software and 2.5 FTEs for HHS teachers in Language Arts, Math and Music for the second semester. Discussion was held regarding these requests.  It was noted that in future budgets there needs to be discussion about including capital expenditures as part of the operating budget.  It was also stated that these HHS positions are in existing budget previously approved, this is not an additional expenditure.

On a motion made by Mr. Post, seconded by Mr. Ganzenmuller, the committee voted to approve the expenditure of $211,750.00 for computers at Placentino School and Student Management software.

Vote:   Yes: 7   No:0   Abstain:0

On a motion made by Mr. Post, seconded by Ms. Matz, the committee voted to re-approve 2.5 FTE for HHS teachers for second semester.

Vote:   Yes: 7   No:0   Abstain:0




There was also a request from the committee to consider including costs of graduation into this year’s budget.  Graduation is currently expected to be self-funded.  Ms. Canty was requested to validate $8000 graduation line item and bring back real costs to future meeting.




On a motion made by Mr. Post, seconded by Ms. McColl, the committee voted to approve a Cafeteria Warrant in the amount of $15,141.92.

Vote:   Yes: 7   No:0   Abstain:0



Next School Committee meetings are January 8 and 22, 2004.  Tentative suggestions for Saturday Budget meeting are January 24, 31 and February 7.



At 9:10pm the Committee voted by roll call to enter in to executive session for the purpose of collective bargaining contract and administrative contract discussion.

 Mr. Coppelman, yes, Ms. Matz, yes, Mr. Jones, yes, Ms. Deering, yes, Ms. McColl, yes, Mr. Post, yes, Mr. Ganzenmuller, yes.