Approved February 16, 2006††††


Holliston Public Schools

Holliston, Massachusetts


School Committee Meeting

February 2, 2006


Present:†† ††††† Mrs. Foote, Mrs. Galeaz, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Plunkett, Mrs. Deering,

Mrs. Emmons, Mr. Cornely, Mr. Jackson


Absent:††††† ††††† Mr. Ganzenmuller


Call to Order


Mrs. Deering called the meeting to order at 7:01 pm.




On a motion made by Mrs. Galeaz, seconded by Mrs. Plunkett, the Committee voted to approve the minutes of the January 19, 2006, School Committee Regular Session, as presented.


Vote:Favor:6 Oppose:0††††††† Abstain:0††††††† Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)


On a motion by Mrs. Galeaz, seconded by Mrs. Plunkett, the Committee voted to approve the minutes for the January 20, 2006, School Committee Special Meeting, as presented.


Vote:Favor:6 Oppose:0††††††† Abstain:0††††††† Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)




School Committee Individual Comment


Mrs. Plunkett said that the Miller Math Night last Thursday (1/26) had a great turnout with record attendance.Thanks to everyone for their hard work.


Mrs. Galeaz wanted to thank all involved in the Internet Safety night which was well attended and an amazing evening.


Mrs. Plunkett mentioned that the 4th grade instrumental night was fabulous and the kids did a great job!


Mrs. Emmons stated that there is a World Language K-8 parent information evening scheduled for February 13 at the Placentino School.The next PTSA meeting is February 14 at 7:00 pm at the Adams Middle School.April 1 is the PTSA Auction.


Mrs. Deering commented that the 5th grade band concert was a success.Great to see how far the students have come since grade 4. She also attended Miller Math Night and, as mentioned, there was a great turnout and thanks to all for their hard work.


Mrs. Deering announced that she has decided not to run for School Committee again.


Central Office Administratorsí Comment


Mr. Jackson said that Mrs. Deering has been extraordinarily helpful and has been responsible for many of the improvements and innovations within the school system.


Mr. Jackson recognized and congratulated six students from the high school who received the scholastic art awards from the Boston Globe. The recipients were Melissa Burke, Taylor Colantonio, Elisa Finos, Jamie Harary, Emily Mansfield and Sophie Price.


Mr. Cornely thanked Mrs. Deering for her years of service and leadership.


Mr. Cornely said that the Holliston Schools has received a grant from Bose Corporation.The staff will be learning how to integrate the concept of sound in all the discipline areas.


The Writers Workshop had a good turnout on a Saturday morning, 1/28.It was an enthusiastic group and an excellent workshop.


Public Comments


Mr. Donald Gray, Holliston, MA

The Internet Safety program was very good.The Holliston Education Foundation is sponsoring a spelling bee at the Placentino/Miller Cafetorium on March 9.They are issuing a challenge for participants.


Mr. Gray supports the middle school sports initiative which includes wrestling, track, field hockey and volleyball. Hope it goes through on the budget!


Mr. Fred Mason congratulated the girlsí basketball team on their great season!




School Improvement Plans Ė Mid-year Update


Each of the schools presented the updates to their School Improvement Plans for 2005-2006.


Mrs. Linda Weene reviewed the Sam Placentino Elementary School Improvement Plan.


Mr. David Keim and Ms. Joanne Apesos (School Council Co-Chair) reviewed the

Fred W. Miller Elementary School Improvement Plan.


Mrs. Maureen Szal reviewed the Robert H. Adams Middle School Improvement Plan.


Mrs. Mary Canty reviewed the Holliston High School Improvement Plan.


Superintendentís Recommended FY07 Budget


Mr. Jackson discussed the budget process and outlined the different steps taken to reach his recommendations.He noted that the School Improvement Plans and the District-wide strategic plan guide the budget.


Mr. Jackson outlined the initiatives that he is prepared to support which include renewing computer inventory, reducing life sciences class size, expanding foreign language offerings, and increasing time for a school to career coordinator at the high school level.He supports the middle school grade 7 class size initiative, continuing the Laptop initiative and increasing the money for middle school athletics. The Superintendentís top priority at Miller School and Placentino School is correcting the lack of administrative support with the addition of an Assistant Principal position in each of the schools.He supports the reading/writing initiative at both schools, creating a Math Club, funding the Children with Autism Program Staffing and hiring a district-wide teacher for ELL.The total cost of the recommended new initiatives is $825,549.


In summary, there are costs that are not within our control such as heat, lights and bus fuel.These expenses alone increase the budget by 2.51% percent. Total recommended budget increase of 7.33% is a moderate increase.The Superintendent is asking the School Committee to support the $26,538,095 budget recommendation.


The recommended next steps will be School Committee discussions on the Recommended FY07 Budget on February 16, School Committee vote on FY07 budget on March 1, present School Committee voted budget to Finance Committee on March 14 and the Annual Town Meeting on May 8.




Mrs. Carol Emmons thanked Kathy Caswell, Secretary to the Superintendent, for all her work on the policy manual.



There were no personnel items


Old Business†† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

There was no old business

††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

New Business


Superintendentís Report††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

There was no Superintendentís Report


Assistant Superintendentís Report

There was no Assistant Superintendentís Report


Business Managerís Report

There was no Business Managerís Report


Principalís Report

There was no Principalís Report




Student Bill Warrant

On a motion made by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mrs. Plunkett, the Committee approved a school bill warrant # 23 in the amount of $237,709.25.


Vote:Favor:6 Oppose:0††††††† Abstain:0††††††† Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)


Cafeteria Warrant

On a motion made by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mrs. Plunkett, the Committee approved a cafeteria bill warrant in the amount of $15,279.18.


Vote:Favor:6 Oppose:0††††††† Abstain:0††††††† Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)


Student Activity Warrants

On a motion made by Mrs. Galeaz, and seconded by Mrs. Plunkett, the Committee approved two student activity warrants of $7,692.96 and $5,303.55.

Vote:Favor:6 Oppose:0††††††† Abstain:0††††††† Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)


Items of Information


U.S.A. Federal Communications Commission Ė Consent to Transfer

Letter from Belmont Street Community School

Placentino School Elementary Essentials

Memo from the Board of Selectman on the subject of electronic mail.

2006 Suburban Coalition position paper.This is for the Metrowest area and other similar communities and focuses on funding equity issues for communities such as Holliston.

Christa McAuliffe newspaper article about some of the work being done at the Placentino School.


Future Meeting Dates and Agenda Items


Next meeting will be Thursday, February 16 Ė The primary discussion will be the Recommended FY07 Budget.




Mr. Jackson announced that there would be a need for an Executive Session to discuss collective bargaining and contract negotiations for non-union personnel.


On a motion by Mr. Jones, seconded by Mrs. Emmons, the Committee voted to adjourn to Executive Session for the purposes of discussing collective bargaining and contract negotiations with non-union personnel from which we will not return.


Mrs. Foote, yes; Mrs. Galeaz, yes; Mr. Jones, yes; Mrs. Plunkett, yes; Mrs. Deering, yes; Mrs. Emmons, yes.Absent: 1 (Mr. Ganzenmuller)


The Open Session adjourned at 9:25 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Cheryl Kelly

Recording Secretary