Building Use Forms

These forms are used by community and private organizations to book rooms in our schools for use. The forms should be submitted together. 

Building Use Application & Manual

CORI Background Checks

This form is used to authorize the district to run a criminal history check on volunteers before they are allowed to volunteer in our schools. CORIs are valid for three years.

The CORI Authorization must be submitted IN PERSON with a government issued photo id.  Forms are accepted at any school main office or the Office of the Superintendent. 

Device Insurance Form for Chromebooks, iPads, and PC Laptops

This form describes the responsibilities associated with borrowing Holliston Public Schools' devices as well as the insurance program to protect users in cases of accidental damage.  Please note that the insurance program is strongly recommended but is not mandatory. 

Device Insurance Form 

Emergency Contact Information
This form is filled out by a Parent/Guardian and is used to notify the school of any changes in emergency contact information for the student.
Employment Application

This form is used to apply for various positions within the Holliston School Department.

Enrollment Verification Requests (HHS)

Used as a part of applications for driver's permits and licenses.

HHS Enrollment Verification Requests

Field Trips

This form is used for all day and overnight field trips. It must be signed by at least one parent or guardian before a student is allowed to participate in the field trip.

Free and Reduced Lunch Application 

An application for free or reduced price lunch for lower income students and families. 

Health Services

Student Health Information

This form is filled out by a Parent/Guardian and is used to notify the school of any changes in student related health information.

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Health Care Plan

This form documents a student's allergies, emergency contact information and steps to take in the event of an allergic reaction. This is filled out by the Parent/Guardian in conjunction with the child's Doctor and the school health office. 

Emergency Health Care Plan

Medication Consent Form

This form is filled out by a Doctor and Parent/Guardian giving the school Health Office personnel permission to administer medication prescribed by a doctor.

Medication Consent Form

Private Physician Exam Form

This form is filled out by a Doctor and is a record of a health care provider examination and immunizations for the student.

Private Physician Exam Form

Permission to Share Form

This form is filled out by a parent granting permission to share Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility information for busing, PK/K tuition assistance and Extended Day assistance.

School Choice Application and Procedure

This form is used to apply for enrollment in the Holliston Public Schools for a non-resident student.

School Choice Application 2023-2024

Student Name Change/Gender Affirmation Form

This form  is used to request a name change and/or record a gender affirmation for current and future student records.


Student Registration

This is a packet of forms and information required when registering a new student in the Holliston Public Schools.

  • Contact the school for a link to this form.


Student Withdrawal/Transfer Forms

This form is filled out by a Parent/Guardian when a student withdraws from the Holliston Public Schools.

Work Permit

This form is for students age 14-17 who need to apply for a job.