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In an effort to increase awareness and communication of news and events of the Holliston Public Schools (HPS) with members of the Holliston community who do not currently have children in the school system, we are creating an email list to use to distribute information more broadly. To sign up for this list, please complete the form below.  This list is for people who have interest in keeping up-to-date with the HPS but who do not currently have any children enrolled in the system.  If you are already receiving emails from HPS, you do not need to sign up for this list.  We anticipate that this email list will receive between 12-15 emails a year including quarterly district and Holliston School Committee (HSC) newsletters and any other communications deemed appropriate by either the administration or the HSC.  We hope that through this increased communication that we can further the connection between HPS and the greater Town of Holliston.

Due to system constraints, this email list will have periodic “open enrollment” periods with the first open now through September 15th and a second anticipated in January.  Should you have any questions about this initiative, please reach out to HSC Chair, Daniel Alfred, alfredd@hsc.holliston.k12.ma.us or HPS Director of Technology & Digital Learning  Dan MacLeod, macleodd@holliston.k12.ma.us .


Enrollment will be closed on September 15, 2023 and will reopen again later in the school year.

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