Device Protection

Device (Chromebook, PC laptop, iPad) Loan Agreement

This agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The device and related peripherals are on loan and remain the property of Holliston  Public Schools.

  • Proper care of the device and related peripherals are the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian while in their possession. 

  • Parents/guardians are financially responsible for all costs in case of loss or damage to the device.

  • It is the student’s/ parent’s responsibility to charge the device nightly and to bring it to school each day.

  • The student will be the exclusive user of this device and should not grant access to any other individual, including family members.

  • During the school day, HPS administrators and teachers may monitor student use at any time including screen and internet.

  • Device activity at home is only filtered for Chromebooks. Parents are responsible for monitoring home activity on iPads &   PC laptops. 

  • Device, charger, and case will be returned to the appropriate school at the end of each school year, or at the time of transfer or withdrawal from Holliston Public Schools. 

  • Device, charger, and case will be returned in good condition.

  • The Holliston Public Schools may charge a late fee and/or take disciplinary measures if the device, charger, and case are not returned on or before the return date.

  • Repairs for any devices with software issues or damage should be submitted through the Holliston technology helpdesk.  At no time should devices be repaired or serviced by anyone outside the Holliston Public Schools.


HPS Device Insurance Program

Accidents happen. Even when you are being your most careful, sometimes devices get damaged or stop working. That’s why HPS strongly recommends that families purchase insurance for the device issued to students.    Families will be responsible for any loss or damage without insurance.


Cost: $40 per student per school year 

Payment may be made on the Town of Holliston website (Scroll down to School Payments, choose School Programs on the left menu, then Device Insurance)  in the amount of $40 for a single device ($20 more if a second device is assigned to the same student).



Malfunction or
Accidental Damage

Loss or                           

Entire Device

    Exterior body




    Keyboard or trackpad


    External ports


    Internal circuitry


Charging cable


Protective carrying case



Getting Repairs

Submit a ticket through the helpdesk.  If possible, you will be issued a loaner device while yours is in for repair.   You will be notified when you can pick up your repaired device.


HPS  reserves the right to charge full price for replacement or repairs of the device in case of:

  • Intentional damage (e.g. missing keyboard keys)                                                        

  • Extreme neglect

  • Frequent or recurring damage, where the cumulative repair costs exceed the replacement cost of the device.  

  • Chromebooks -$300

  • iPads- $299

  • PC Laptops at HHS - $1918


Estimated Repair Costs (without insurance)

  • Full  Chromebook replacement, $300

  • Full PC laptop replacement, $1918

  • Full iPad replacement , $299

  • Cracked iPad screen, $150

  • Cracked Chromebook screen, $25

  • Keyboard , $20

  • Trackpad, $25

  • Liquid spills, (varies up to total loss)

  • Power Adapter, $30

  • Protective case, $25