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 Bus Transportation Application


Home Address:                              ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mail Address:                              _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Parent/Guardian Information:


Guardian 1 Name:                                                                      ______________ 

EMail: _____________________________________________________________



Guardian 2 Name:                                                                      ______________  

EMail:                                                                                        ___________________



Student Name                   School                                                     Grade Level   Office Use Only

No. of students in grades 7-12:           X $240 =   $                                                            Max - $720. This is the amount to be included with application.

No. of students in grades K-6:             Eligibility will be determined after this application is submitted to the Bus Coordinator. Further payment may be required for these students.

To receive transportation to and/ or from school every student must have a bus pass. You can use this form for any of your children. All students in grades 7-12 are required to pay a fee if they wish to have transportation. For grades K-6, students who live 2 miles or less from their school must pay a fee if they wish to have transportation, K-6 students who live more than 2 miles from their school are eligible for free transportation. For the 2021-2022 school year the School Bus Transportation Fee is $240.00 per student with a family cap of $720.00.

All students requesting transportation must return this form to receive a pass. Your child's eligibility for free transportation is listed above. If you have more than 3 children that are not eligible, please remember that there is a $720.00 family cap.

If you are requesting an additional morning pickup and/or an additional afternoon drop-off, please include the added stop request with your application and a $100 fee per student. This additional fee does not count towards the family cap. The additional seats will be assigned on a space available basis.

Please return this form along with a check or money order payable to:  Town of Holliston - Bus Pass.

Mail to Superintendent's Office - Holliston Public Schools, Attn: Bus Pass, 370 Hollis Street, Holliston, MA 01746.

Return this form to the Superintendent's Office   with payment, no later than Wednesday, July 21, 2021. After this date a late fee of $25 per pass will be assessed.

Bus pass applications will NOT be accepted until a ll outstanding balances owed to the Holliston Public Schools for fee-based programs for the student and his/her siblings have been paid.

 If you have any further questions, please call the number listed above.